Changemakers Interview Series – Bihar Entrepreneurs Association

Source: Bihar Entrepreneurs Association

Startup Dunya in conversation with Abhishek Singh, Chief Advisor-Entrepreneurs Association of India, Secretary General-Bihar Entrepreneurs Association and an IVLP Fellow.

Where does Bihar Entrepreneurs Association (BEA) have its presence?

The BEA has a very strong presence in all the 534 blocks of Bihar with our people operational even in the adjoining territories including eastern UP, Jharkhand, West Bengal and India’s landlocked neighbour, Nepal.

In a bid to expand our outreach, the BEA has expanded its satellite offices located outside Bihar. They are christened as City Chapters in other states. We have also set-up base in different European and American countries.

What kind of partnerships does BEA have?

The BEA has close link-ups with market-leading corporates, both Indian and Global, which can help an institution fetch high-end upscale technology. The strength of BEA’s corporate linkages is apparent from its pool of consultants & mentors, which includes more than *200 globally acclaimed industry-leaders* working for the top-most brands in their respective sectors including healthcare, food processing, education, power and climate protection amongst others.

At present, BEA has 25 National and 7 Global Partners for innovation, market research, product development, fund-raising, sector-wise skill development, youth empowerment, policymaking and so on.

What has been the focus area of BEA?

The BEA has been working in developing all Tech- and Non-Tech sectors especially agriculture, health and education which have also been the core areas for developing Bihar.

As an association, is BEA focused on a specific target group?

BEA has been burning the midnight oil to ensure efficient ecosystem for youth, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors in the state.

What kind of support system have you provided for startups?

Bihar Startup Yatra Source: Bihar Entrepreneurs Association

In the past 5 years, we have conducted over 90,000 direct interactions with youth through 76 StartUp Yatras (workshops) focusing on 38 districts of Bihar.

Our effort has drawn global attention time and again. BEA’s work has found space in academic and research journals of global repute.

What is the vision of Bihar Entrepreneurs Association?

We wish to help startups take off from a “Grass-root to a Global” presence!

How are you working with the Government of Bihar?

Demo’ing to Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar Source: Bihar Entrepreneurs Association

For the Government of Bihar, the BEA has done notable work as far as Policy Advocacy is concerned by “drafting StartUp Policy” and playing an important part in industry policy-making.

BEA_US Business workshop Source: Bihar Entrepreneurs Association

We have also paved the way for 200+ Govt. recognized startUps and over 3,000+ entrepreneurs right since our inception, i.e. in 2011. We have also completed 250 plus workshops.

What is your Business Model?

Working on the Hub & Spoke Model, the BEA attracts youth to Enterprising Zone, a 4,000-square-feet internationally recognized Incubation cum Business Facilitation Centre which was also supported in 2015 by the Government. We offer an in-house Incubation Facility located in the heart of Patna that extends ‘Free Hand-holding support’ to all potentials entrepreneurs allowing them to flourish- right from their Ideation to Execution stage and until their subsequent expansion.

Can you share some of the accolades you have received from the Government?

Our work has been appreciated by NITI Aayog many times. They have selected only BEA as the organization in Bihar, UP & Jharkhand in the 1st phase for setting up their premier project, Atal Incubation Centre (AIC).

How big is the BEA umbrella?

Bihar Startup Yatra Source: Bihar Entrepreneurs Association

We started with a bunch of enterprising Biharis. The Bihar Entrepreneurs Association is now an 18,000-member (BEA Membership) strong organization. Our continued commitment, performance and support drives the best of entrepreneurial minds to our doors.

With U.S. Ambassador to India – Kenneth I. Juster Source: Bihar Entrepreneurs Association

Can you share other highlights of the BEA journey so far?

The US Ambassador had visited our BEA office and appreciated BEA’s journey.

In addition, 6 Indian Ambassador from countries like Argentina, Mauritius and the US have visited BEA. They guided and motivated the team to work at the grass-root level.

Is Bihar Entrepreneurs Association (BEA) a private organisation?

Bihar Entrepreneurs Association (BEA) is registered as a Not-for-Profit under section 12AA & 80G under Income Tax Act of 1961, India. We have the necessary government approvals for accepting donations from foreign partners as we are FCRA compliant.

Any lasting thoughts for startups and corporates?

We seek your support and wishes in our initiatives to bring change at the Grassroot Level. #GrassrootToGlobal

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