Founder’s Corner: May Bytes (2019)

Founder's Bytes Source: Deposit Photos

“If they are more senior to me, I would request them to help me out. For those who are just starting out – it is very easy to get lost with shiny things. At an early stage, a common mistake everyone does is focus on gaining traction and speed. At this point, it is far more important to just focus on your work and get your direction right. It is also important to get a mentor – a mentor who can throw a brick on your face – who can tell you when you are doing the right things and when you are off the track.

~ Ayush Jaiswal, Co-Founder & CEO, Pesto Tech

“Be Stupid & Just Ask!
As an entrepreneur, you’ll face 100s of challenges that you’ve never solved before but someone else has already solved them. Go find those people & just ask them what to do. Talking to customers, mentors and consultants has enabled us to solve problems 10x faster.”

~ Ashad U. Hassan, Marketing Head, Xeno

“Find out a genuine problem, use common sense to resolve it. Reach your users as early as possible. Get their validation and then, start building on scale. Success will follow you, you don’t have to run after success!”

~ Naveen Kumar Velpula, Founder & CEO, NaPanta

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