Startup Dunya Interview Series: Motherhuts

Looking for yummy, tasty, and healthy food to be delivered to your doorstep? Prefer the taste of home-cooked food which brings back the nostalgia of delicious aromas emanating from your kitchen? Motherhuts delivers the home food you crave, at your doorstep.

Motherhuts Logo Image Courtesy: Motherhuts
Motherhuts Logo_Image Courtesy- Motherhuts

As a health-conscious and price-sensitive consumer, what if a food startup were to wave a magic wand and deliver great-tasting traditional home food to you? Startup Dunya Interview Series with Viren Roy Chetal, Co-Founder, Motherhuts.


Viren Roy Chetal_Image Courtesy- Motherhuts
Viren Roy Chetal, Co-founder, Motherhuts Image Courtesy: Motherhuts

When did you start Motherhuts? Gobinda Malakar and I co-founded Motherhuts in 2019.

What brought Gobinda and you together? It was our shared passion and desire to become entrepreneurs.

Gobinda Malakar_Image Courtesy- Motherhuts
Gobinda Malakar, Co-founder, Motherhuts
Image Courtesy: Motherhuts

How do you share work responsibilities between the two of you? Gobinda and I take care of different departments. Gobinda takes care of Sales Strategy and Operations while I take care of Product-Design-Technology and overall Business Strategy. We brainstorm as needed to get a second perspective in strategic decisions.

Which vertical are you operating in? We are focused on tapping the home food market of the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry, which is popular but unorganized. Our focus is to bring home food to every customer with the help of technology and improve the lives of mothers and people who can cook part-time and earn extra income.


What is Motherhuts all about? Motherhuts is a homemade food delivery service based out of Bangalore. We leverage a network of home chefs who are passionate about cooking and would love to make an extra income from home. We, at Motherhuts, empower and provide viable income options to women who are homemakers. Motherhuts facilitates home cooks to delve into their passion for cooking tasty and healthy food. The food is prepared in their very own homes. They put in all the effort to prepare fresh food. We deliver these meals in neatly packed meal boxes.

What prompted you to enter the Food business? Viren & I were colleagues. When we used to have lunch together, we always had a problem searching for a good meal at a reasonable price. It would cost us a minimum of 150-175 rupees for a good meal, which was not always healthy. We understood that issue is not being faced just by us but a very common problem of people who are staying away from home. We invested a lot of time to understand if this problem can be solved with Motherhuts.

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Motherhuts is a very unique name. How did you come up with this? Home food is incomplete without Mom’s magic, which made us take “Mother” and as we do not have a cloud kitchen and the food gets delivered from different homes, we came up with “huts”. This is how Motherhuts was coined.

What is the complete range of products you’re offering?

We offer four subscription plans: 15 meals, 30 meals, 45 meals & 60 meals with 2x validity on each subscription.

Anyone who is interested in subscribing to any of these plans can visit our desktop or mobile-friendly website.

Who are your target customers? All individuals away from Home are our target customers, as we provide home meals that can be consumed by any age group who stay away from family and don’t want to invest time in cooking after a busy day.

Are you open to having more people join your home-cook team? Yes, definitely. Anyone who wants to be a part of Motherhuts as a cook can directly register on our website. Our team will contact them for the rest of the formalities.

Who gave you the initial launchpad? Gobinda and I had a lot of discussions during the initial period on the product and did research on our own to understand the market. We didn’t have any mentor to guide us but we took calculated decisions and the initial steps based on our past experiences. We invested our own savings and started the operations.


Which problem are you trying to solve?

  • Problem Statement 1 : Unhealthy Diet or high junk food consumption due to lack of availability of proper home food

Solution 1: Motherhuts started with one vision, which was to provide home food to each and every person. We onboard brilliant home cooks for proper home food taste and quality.

  • Problem Statement 2 : Ordering online every day or visiting restaurants is time killing

Solution 2: We understand that ordering online using multiple platforms can be time-consuming as it can take time for a person to decide what to eat on a daily basis. We are solving this problem by providing subscriptions to our customers. The customer is required to subscribe to our plan once and we ensure that he/she receives different dishes every single day without them worrying about it.

  • Problem Statement 3 : Cost 

Solution 3: Ordering food from marketplace platforms or restaurants is more expensive as the payment includes a lot of additional charges. We have come up with very affordable plans for our customers through which they can enjoy proper home food without worrying about their food budget.

What is the key differentiator that sets you apart from other companies offering similar services? Our solutions to the problem statements mentioned above are what sets us apart.

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Is your focus on empowering homemakers to cook healthy and tasty food and take it to a larger market? Or is it on the end-user who will eventually consume these meals? Our prior focus is the end-users as the higher the number of consumers (demand), the higher will be the supply requirements, which will ultimately help us achieve both the goals.

Any milestones that you wish to highlight? Motherhuts was selected amongst the top 15 startups in Udyami Utsav 2020 for incubation support by AIC (Atal Incubation Centre)


How big is your team? We are a team of 6 core members.

What are the qualities that you see in your team which reflect the unique culture of your company?

  • – Passion for product and vision we have for the company 
  • – Shared Values
  • – Innovation & Hardworking

Where do you see your company heading in the future?

  • – We see Motherhuts operational not just in Bangalore but also in other big metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad & Delhi. 
  • – We look forward to providing home food to as many individuals as possible and also tie-up with corporate companies for improvement of the food provision in organizations.
  • – We are working on building a robust technology that will support our internal employees, which include both our home cooks and delivery boys as well as provide an amazing experience to our customers.

What kind of external support system will help your team reach your business goals faster? We are looking for Seed Funding. This will help us strengthen our business development and operations team across multiple clusters in Bangalore.

Your word of advice to other entrepreneurs who wish to embark on their startup journey?

Dream big, start small, act now!

Viren Roy Chetal, Co-founder, Motherhuts

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