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Looking for a team which is analytical, methodical and interdisciplinary in the quick changing digital space? A company who can track for you the returns on every dollar you spend on a digital ad? If it's Digital Marketing, Growisto has the fix!

Courtesy: Growisto

An expert e-commerce digital marketing service company, the company helps brands and private labels grow their businesses on platforms like Amazon. Their offerings span generating prospects, programmatic ads, remarketing, analytics, and closure. Startup Dunya in conversation with Pritesh Mittal, Co-Founder of Growisto.

Pritesh Mittal, Co-Founder Courtesy: Growisto

Tell us something about the founders? 
Kiran Patil and I founded Growisto in September 2016. We are both alumni of IIT Bombay. Kiran graduated in 2004 and I passed out in 2014. 

Kiran Patil, Founder & CEO Courtesy: Growisto

How did both of you come together?
We came in touch with each other during an event at IIT Bombay. I was looking to start my own venture. Kiran was already running his start-up at that time and used to be my go-to person on various ideas. We had a lot in common and decided to start a venture together.

Who gave you the initial launchpad?
During the Angel round in 2016, we raised funding from Globevestor Angel Fund and a host of other investors that include Devendra Rane, CTO of CoverFox, Ravi Jain, Co-Founder of GenY Medium, and a few others.

As of now, we are profitable and growing organically on our own.

Which vertical are you operating in?
Growisto is an expert eCommerce Digital Marketing Company enabling brands and private labels increase their revenue from platforms like Amazon as well as their own website.  

What are your service offerings to your customers? 
We help eCommerce companies get more out of their ad spend. In this respect, we have the capability to take up end-to-end digital marketing for our clients.

On Amazon, we help sellers optimize the listings and rankings (Amazon SEO), reduce ACoS of ads, increase the impact of deals, create custom marketing dashboards.

For a customer’s website, we provide multiple digital marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

We also provide marketing technology services like creating marketing dashboards, website and mobile app development, set-up of analytics, etc.

Which problem are you trying to solve? 
In today’s digital world, most brands, offline retailers or private labels are striving to create a digital presence and increase their share of their sales from eCommerce. Since digital marketing is vast and is changing very rapidly, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to find people with relevant skill-sets. Growisto is helping to bridge this gap.

As a service provider, we have built expertise in digital marketing for the eCommerce space and are well-tuned to all the latest developments in this industry. This helps us in providing a one-stop solution for marketing and technology so that companies can focus on their core business – sourcing or manufacturing of quality products.

Who are your major customers? 
Since our inception, we have been fortunate to have worked with some of the best in the industry. In the e-Commerce space, we have worked with companies like Puma, Manyavar, Bewakoof, Fynd, California Design Den (the largest seller on Amazon US from India), Kapiva Ayurveda and many more.

We have also provided our services across other industry verticals including fintech, travel, hospitality and education.

We have worked with some reputed brands like MakeMyTrip, Oyo Rooms, Acko, Toppr and Coverfox to name a few.

How much of customization is possible with Growisto for unique business requirements or is it more of a plug-and-play solution that you are offering your customers?
We work closely with the client’s team to customize our solutions to meet their business goals. In fact, our ability to maneuver our services forms the basis for the changes that happen on digital platforms. Our clear focus on client requirements distinguishes us from other service providers.

Amazon, Google, Facebook and Instagram make changes to their platform every day.

What was applicable last month may not be applicable now, so we need to constantly modify our approach. We have built a strong team that has the agility and ability to cater to the changing business needs of our customers.

Courtesy: Growisto

What is the key differentiator that sets you apart from other companies offering similar services?
What differentiates Growisto is our single-minded focus to offer the best services in the marketing and technology space. The cornerstone of our business approach is the on-going internal training for our team which enables us to update ourselves and provide solutions for the rapidly changing digital marketing needs.

In addition to that, we provide end-to-end services ensuring that the sales of our clients keep increasing. For example, we provide market entry strategy reports for our clients, a service that is normally provided by management consultants or business research companies. 

What kind of KPIs is the company tracking? Are they all revenue-based?
We have three stakeholders:

  • Clients
  • Team
  • Balance Sheet

To measure how we are doing on these three fronts, we measure the following   parameters:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Revenue per client
  • Profit
  • Team size
  • Revenue per person
  • The average age of team
  • Attrition

Further, we aim to launch the “Team Happiness Score” in the near future to gain a deeper understanding of team engagement and the culture we are building at Growisto

How big is your team?
We are a team of more than 60 dynamic and passionate digital marketers and technologists. 

What are the qualities that you see in your team which reflect the unique culture of Growisto?
As we continue to grow, we lay emphasis on maintaining a good culture in the company. In fact, this has been our top priority even as a team of ten members.
Post a detailed discussion with the team, we published the company’s culture and values on our website.

Few qualities which form the core of our culture are:
~ Giving and taking feedback
~ Being helpful and supportive 
~ Strong desire to learn and grow

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How is the work-life balance at Growisto? It must be a major challenge maintaining it in a growing environment.
This is not a challenge for us. We hire ambitious people who are passionate about problem solving and marketing. Most of our team members want to grow fast and they are ready to put in the desired efforts for that. 

Any milestones that you wish to highlight?
Today, most of the clients we are working with, are from referrals. For us, this is one of the biggest milestones as it is an indicator of the value we have been able to add to their business.

Your advice to other entrepreneurs who wish to embark on their startup journey.

“Focus on your team and customers, provide great value to them and everything else will fall in place.”

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