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MoverDeal offers end-to-end digital solutions for relocation requirements. It is dedicated to understanding customer expectations and developing solutions that enhance customer experiences.

Gunjan Khambra, Founding Director Courtesy: MoverDeal

Looking for professional hassle-free and stress-free all-inclusive house-shifting services in Delhi? StartupDunya in conversation with Gunjan Khambra, Founding Director, Fedelta Pvt. Ltd. (MoverDeal)

When did MoverDeal’s journey start?
It all started back in 2016, with the founding members’ own experience of availing logistics services. We found that there exists a lot of ambiguity when you hire such services and there is hardly any standardization. With negligible- to non-existent transparency in the services being offered as well as the price coupled with sheer unprofessionalism made us think of MoverDeal as a stepping stone towards regularizing the logistics industry.

Who are MoverDeal’s founding members?
We are a team with varied expertise and experiences related to logistics as well as in the consulting field. We complement each other’s strengths at work.

“It’s like two gears which are joined together to drive the machine effortlessly.”

Gunjan Khambra, Founding Director Courtesy: MoverDeal

How did the Founders come together to start this venture?
It was a common personal experience which brought us together. Another factor which resulted in this association was the desire to change the way traditional sectors such as logistics function in our country.

What is the connecting thread that keeps all of you together as a team?
Our venture, MoverDeal, is the connecting thread. It was conceived as a joint effort and since its inception, it has kept all the founders together.

What are MoverDeal’s services?
We are an online market place for Logistic services. Our platform primarily aggregates logistics service providers.

We are one of a kind platform which offers the opportunity for both the customers as well as logistics service providers to come together and strike a deal among themselves, which is a “win-win” situation for both the entities.

What is the Competitive Advantage of MoverDeal over others providing similar services?
The uniqueness of our platform is the “Bidding” as well as “Reverse Bidding” to ensure that the customer, as well as the logistics service providers, get the best value for the services. The bidding process is our competitive advantage.

How can a customer avail MoverDeal services?
As we have a completely online process, one can easily avail our services through our web application. As we are expanding our gamut of services, very soon our customers, as well as our partners, will be able to avail all the services through a mobile app as well.

Apart from this, we have a dedicated team of mover experts allocated to each service request/booking who are in constant touch with the customers as well as the partners.

MoverDeal Logo Courtesy: MoverDeal

What is your current offering to your customers?
As a proof of concept and validating the acceptability of the bidding process in the logistics sector we purposely chose to initially target the B2C segment i.e. Relocation sector.

Almost everyone in today’s time avails the services of a relocation company to shift their house or office or even their valued vehicle. Thus, we initiated the MoverDeal process by targeting this segment. Now that we have validated the concept, we are very soon going to launch our long/short haul trucking services.

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What kind of payment option do you provide for your customers?
From the very inception, we were very clear about helping to regularize this industry, which is characterized by irregularities especially when it comes to money transactions. A majority of the money which changes hands in the logistics sector is in cash, with nil-to-least accountability.

Understanding this aspect from the word go, we ensured to have a completely transparent payment system and with the government’s thrust to increase digital means of payment, we joined this effort and provided all the available digital payment options as per the government’s guidelines. Therefore, a customer may either use their Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT, RTGS or even the now very popular, Mobile Wallets.

We discourage cash payments completely and insist on digital payments.

Who gave you the initial launchpad?
We are a completely bootstrapped organization, funding the development and operations from our own savings.

What is MoverDeal’s Mission?
“To revolutionize the logistics industry through technology, providing a common platform for customers to experience “Customer Delight” as well as for our business partners to achieve their “Business Goals.”

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Any specific milestones in your entrepreneurial journey that you wish to highlight?
As a startup, every single day is a milestone as you face new scenarios and challenges.

“A startup is a startup as it is yet to achieve an “Auto” mode.”

Until such time, every minute provides you with an opportunity to learn and improvise.

Your plans to expand your current services?
We would be expanding our service offerings in the coming months to new geographic operations. At MoverDeal, we plan to widen our network covering the major hubs from a cargo movement perspective.

We are also open to partnering with similar-minded entrepreneurs who would complement our services.

Any plans to expand your business line as well?
As of now, we are looking to increase our partner base, especially now as we will soon entering into trucking. We have our internally identified targets of onboarding of partners and looking forward to hit those.

What kind of a team mix do you have?
We are a lean, experienced and motivated team which has around 40 years of total experience in various aspects of business, specifically into sales & marketing, customer service, and vendor development and management.

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What spells success to your team?
Even the smallest of appreciation brightens our eyes and makes us proud of the efforts we are putting in to make our mark. We are a group of ambitious individuals who are striving to see their venture stands out among the best in the country.

What kind of support system will help launch your company to the next level?
As we intend to expand our base, funding would certainly be one of the key inputs to achieve the planned results.

Gunjan Khambra, Founding Director Courtesy: MoverDeal

“Startups are never easy. They are like sculpting. You have an imagination or a dream and then you just take a chisel to carve out a shape you have in your mind.”

How would you describe your journey?
It’s been a challenging and insightful journey so far, however, it’s just the start. We are taking small steps and learning something new every day.

Any takeaways for other women entrepreneurs?

“Being a woman itself is challenging not because you are a woman, but because a woman has to don a number of roles simultaneously. Multitasking is the key and I guess women are hard-wired for the same.”

Gunjan Khambra, Founding Director
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