Statement of Ethics

Here is the statement of ethics we want all our readers to know about.

We started this portal to help inspire more startups to scale their presence and impact in the startup ecosystem. During this process, we come across multiple people and organizations we might have prior knowledge about. So, we are putting out our ‘Statement of Ethics’ to clear any possible confusion and handle any conflicts that may arise from time to time.

  • As of 05/11/2020, we do not own any of the startups featured on our website, either in full or in part. If we note any startups that we have a share in or have any kind of formal association with them, we will make this explicit at the beginning of the article.
  • We do not charge any startup to feature their Founder’s Journey on our platform. It is completely done free of cost as a part of social outreach. We may, however, choose to either feature or not feature a startup based on its compliance with our editorial and other internal policies.
  • We focus on products and services provided to the end-user and not on revenues and earnings.
  • gets confidential information from startups from time to time. We handle such information extremely carefully and any such confidential information that may be shared with external parties will be only with the prior permission of the concerned startup.

If you need any clarification, please reach out to or