Thanos Technologies – Mosquito Spraying Drones

Thanos-Drone Examination & Preparation before Activity Courtesy: Thanos

Pradeep Palelli, Co-Founder & CEO, Thanos Technologies as shared with Startup Dunya.

Over the last couple of years, we have designed, built, tested and taken to market our 10 Litre capacity Agricultural Spraying drones that have the highest flight time in the industry for such an application.

Thanos-Demo Location 1 Courtesy: Thanos

Building on this expertise, we have been working with one of our Partner companies – MARUT Drones to spray Mosquito Control chemicals on city lakes which are the breeding ground for these mosquitoes which pester the nearby habitats. On this front, we conducted demonstrations for GHMC in April 2019 along with MARUT drones showing how the technology works and what it is capable of doing. The technology certainly seems to have attracted GHMC officials given that manual methods of Mosquito Control over lakes is an extremely time consuming and arduous task.

What takes humans about a week or more could be done in a single day and in a much more effective manner using Drones.

Technology Upgradation:
Owing to the fact that it is an application over water and thus involves some risk of losing the drone in an unexpected eventuality, we are building an advanced design that includes in-built redundancies and additional safety mechanisms that negate the possibility of the drone submerging/sinking in worst-case scenarios.

Thanos-Demo Location 2 Courtesy: Thanos

We will be using this in-house designed platform to work with MARUT drones going forward for applications such as these for GHMC and other bodies. This is just one of the applications that we are building for our Service Partner/Market-Facing partner MARUT drones among other applications as their UAV/Hardware Manufacturing Partner and expect to jointly cater to many more government/private applications in future. much more effective manner using Drones.

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